Construction Real Estate/ film faced plywood

Construction Real Estate Film Faced Plywood
  • Seller Qingdao Gold Luck International Trade Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 52 Cubic Meter/Cubic Meters
  • FOB Price US $9.9-16.5 /Sheet

Item Details

Port: Qingdao/Lianyungang
Supply Ability: 12000 Cubic Meter/Cubic Meters per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

Product Description

Film Faced Plywood


1220 x 2440mm, 1250 x 2500mm or as requested

Different thickness available, from 9mm to 21mm

Poplar, birch, hardwood, combined or requested by clients



1) It should be no long time soaked and sun exposure, keep flat in dry and well-ventilated place.

2) Sealing of edges or holes: Film faced plywood edges or holes are fully sealed with water proof phenolic paint for three times, to obtain full value, any recut edges should sealed as soon as possible with water proof phenolic paint.

3) Usage: The wood columns(specification: 5x10cm or 10x10cm) touching templates shall be placed longitudinally. Keep level between templates, if there are the joints between them, use putty or adhesive tape to flatten and seal; Joints shall not be grout leaking. Templates should avoid touching hard thing to get damaged.

4) Clearing: To obtain full life, cleaning should be carried out immediately after each use. The surface should be wiped with release agent.

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Product Overviews

1) Size:

1220 × 2440mm, etc.

2) Thickness:

9mm ~ 18mm

3) Core:

Poplar, Combi, Hardwood, etc.

4) Film:

Black, Brown and Red film; etc.

5) Glue:

MR, MLM, WBP, etc.

6) Quality:

One time hot press; Two times hot press, etc.

7) Frequency of use:

above 15 times (Two times hot press)

10 ~ 15 times (One time hot press)

5 ~ 10 times (Finger joint)


1) Moisture Content:

8 ~ 10%

2) Glue Bond Strength:

0.80 ~ 1.35 MPa

3) Static Bending Strength:

along the grain 55 MPa

across the grain 38 MPa

4) Modulus of Elasticity:

along the grain 6578 MPa

across the grain 4942 MPa

5) Density:

poplar core 500 KGS/CBM

combi core 500-700 KGS/CBM

hardwood core above 700 KGS/CBM

production prosess

company information

1) 12 years plywood production experience.

2) 12 production lines.

3) Daily output 6x40HQ.

4) Anuual export: 200 million USD or so.

5) Delivery Time: within 7 days after 30% deposit


1) Bonding strength is low:

Is mainly caused by poor quality plastic. Hot press conditions are not controlled well, such as low pressing temperature, low pressure, and too short pressure time. Those will lead to low bonding strength. Too high veneer moisture content, insufficient amount of glue, poor quality veneer and too long or too short veneer assembly time, will also reduce the bonding strength.

2) Bubbling and local delamination:

The reason lies in too fast pressure relief, lack of pressure time, too high veneer moisture content, blank spots on the board during gluing or inclusions and dirt on the veneer, etc.

3) Plywood warp:

Is due to large internal stress within plywood. The reason is that the moisture content of face and back veneer is inconsistent with each other: different species veneer mismatches unreasoningly; veneer texture distortion; individual hot pressure temperature is not enough; plat piled unevenly; etc.

4) Delamination of edges and corners:

The reason is mainly caused by insufficient pressure that the press plate's edges and corners of hot press machine is worn; slabs in each interval of hot press machine is not aligned in edges and corners; when putting slabs in each interval of hot press machine, too skewed, so uneven pressure happens; when rotary cut, edges of veneer is insufficiently pressed; adhesive tension is weak; corners and edges are lack of glue; glue dries prematurely; temperature of localized place on pressure plate is low; etc.

5) Glue penetration:

The reason is that the lowsolids content of glue, excessive usage amount of glue, deep cracks on the back of the veneer, too high moisture content of veneer, too long veneer assembly time and too high pressure of hot press machine, and so on.

6) Excessive formaldehyde emission:

Is related with quality of glue, gluing process, etc.


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