High Quality!!!8.2mhz rf eas label , security tags and protection for supermarket

High Quality 8 2mhz Rf Eas
  • Seller Shanghai RFID & Radio Frequency Identification Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 100000 Piece/Pieces

Item Details

Port: Shanghai
Supply Ability: 5000000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

Product Description

Specifications of our series 8.2MHz EAS labels (eas, eas label, eas sticker tag, eas rf tag, sourcing tag, security tag, eas soft tag, security tag, rf tag )

8.2MHz 8.2mhz rf eas label Electrical Specifications

Frequency 8.2MHz±328KHz

Amplitude Q≥40

Effective Volume ≥2000cm3

Deactivation Strength 0.9A/m1.5A/m

Operating Distance 1.4m1.7m

Deactivation Distance 25cm30cm (0.82-0.98)

8.2MHz 8.2mhz rf eas label Specifications

Labels Per Roll 1000 labels 2000 labels

Roll Length 32m (104.9) 64m (210.0)

Diameter Inner Core 7.6cm (3) 7.6cm (3)

Roll Outer Diameter 13.6cm (5.4) 17.0cm (6.7)

Roll Weight 0.43kg (0.95lb) 0.81kg (1.79lb)

Case Weight 6.5kg (14.4lb) 5.7kg (12.6lb)

Rolls Per Case 20 10

Case Dimension 28cm×28cm×19cm 35cm×18cm×19cm

(0.92×0.92×0.63) (1.15×0.59×0.63)

8.2MHz 8.2mhz rf eas label Dimension Specifications

Length 40mm (1.31)

Width 30mm (0.98)

Thickness including liner 27μm

Thickness excluding liner 21μm

Label Spacing 2mm (0.066)

8.2MHz 8.2mhz rf eas label Material Specifications

Substrate 80g/m2 glassing paper

Surface 80g/m2 thick reinforced paper

Inductor Side Aluminum

Capacitor Side Aluminum

Adhesive Rubber-based, hot melt adhesive

8.2MHz 8.2mhz rf eas label Environmental Specifications

Shelf Life: Two years from date of manufacture when labels are stored between

10-25 (50-77) and 35% to 65% RH

Temperature: Maximum storage temperature not to exceed 50 (120) for 96 hours

at 80% RH

Humidity: Unaffected by 80% humidity up to 96 hours

Application Temperature: Above 0-38 (32-100) and 90% RH at the application head

Recommended ambient temperature is 15-32 (60-90)

Recommended ambient humidity is 50%-70%